PRE ORDER ‘Juno’ Standard LP – Transparent Orange Vinyl


Hi my little Remjobs - due to worldwide vinyl delays, ‘Juno’ LPs are not due to ship until early Summer 2022 but you’ve been asking for them so I wanted to make sure we got them up!!!


Creating my debut album Juno was like a fever dream. So many changes were happening in my life while I was creating these songs and I think my album really reflects the feelings of tension and release that these changes provoked in me. Every song on this record is a vivid snapshot into what was going on in my life and mindset the day I wrote each one. I hope my Remjobs can hear my honesty and passion come through and, if not, I just hope they think each song is a banger! The album is named Juno after my beautiful dog I adopted during lockdown. He ended up being in every single writing session for this album and I consider him my partner, witness, and support in the making of this record. 


 **We will begin shipping orders as soon as they arrive to our warehouse, and do our best to keep all customers in the loop regarding any potential further delays. To receive non-vinyl items sooner, please place a separate order.**